Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 This evening I thought, "My goodness, tonight seems to be a fine time to work on my thesis proposal!" So I opened the document filled with my advisor's edits and started to work. After perhaps five minutes of red-splotched pages and suggested revisions and deletions, I gave up and decided to write a poem instead. So. . . Enjoy.

The pen a blood-red knife
slicing through pages,
oozing ink in scratches.

Stabbing errors,
bleeding changes,
murder in thesis form.

Add a section--
maybe three.
Put this at the end.

Delete, rephrase,
explain this more.
The blood-ink oozes faster.

Hobbling on ice-thin legs,
the tortured thesis
gasps for breath.

I'd almost rather
hear her say,
"Scratch this. Change it all,"

than slog through
death and blood and words.
But my zombie-thesis LIVES.

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