Sunday, February 12, 2012

Green Smoothies of Death

Now tell me--on a scale of one to ten, how appetizing does this look?
(This is supposed to be a smoothie, by the way.)
A. . . 0? Okay, it's not that bad. It's a lovely shade of green. Never mind that green is the color of VEGETABLES and LEAVES. Never mind that smoothies should contain FRUIT! *grumbles*

In some fit of insanity, I convinced Staci to do something awful. (Yes, my decision. *heavy sigh*)

We are doing an elimination diet.


My friend Jaz did the same one last year, and I thought it sounded really fun (ha!). Basically, you start out eating only a couple things and then add stuff back in. It's good for finding allergies, or just to jump-start healthier eating. The major draws for me, however, were that it would a), show me new delicious recipes (I have a book), and b), be fun. Oh yes, fun.

"I can be creative with my food!" I told Staci. "It makes me stretch the options farther!"
She offered a glumly raised eyebrow. "I find eating real food more fun, actually," she responded.

When we actually get to the food, I'm sure it'll be fine. But right now, we're in the "Smoothie Phase" or the "pretend-blended-kale-tastes-good-if-you-add-an-apple-and-also-that-you-also-don't-want-to-die" Phase.

I have never before craved yams and lentils with such ferocity. Two days of this? *bleargh*
I am glum.


  1. You realize that we always sucker poor Stace into these restricted diets with us, right? She tried to die when we went vegan for a month. Don't kill my old roommate. I will be angry.

  2. I'd rather eat a plum than be glum.